When Your Son Steals Your Stash

In honor of my husband who’s from Memphis, and the terrible flooding that’s happening down there, I had to share this story.  Last Friday, a woman called the police to report that she had been woken up at the crack of dawn by the sound of her son rifling through her underwear.  (Although the report doesn’t say so, I’m assuming it wasn’t the underwear she was wearing, but perhaps another pair that she had in a drawer or something.)

Anyway, seems that the woman hides her drugs (mostly prescription sedatives) in her brassieres.  When the police arrived they found a 28 year old man (no young chicken this delinquent) hiding under a neighbor’s car, which is exactly where I would hide too if my mom called the police.  No one would ever notice that.  The po-po found quite the stash in the young (?) man’s room most of which was wrapped in toilet paper and hidden in a sock.  Another stellar hiding place if I do say so myself. 

Other drug paraphernalia was also turned up and the man-boy was carted away on $40,ooo bail.  That’s how they do it Memphis style.  Don’t mess with mama’s drugs, ya hear?


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