Amanda Knox: What Happened To Her?

On April 19th, Amanda Knox, the American student accused and found guilty of killing her British roommate in Italy, saw hope again.  Knox’s attorneys filed an over 200-page appeal stating that there was new evidence that could prove definitively that Knox didn’t do it.  Reports say that the appeal also dissects the lack of DNA evidence placing Knox at the crime and introduces a new, star witness who can confirm her whereabouts.

Two new judges and six new jurors will hear the evidence and testimony of the appeal and make a decision as to whether or not Knox will remain in an Italian prison.  It will be a tough job; say that the Italian legal system didn’t work the first time around or bend to international pressure and reverse the decision?  Knox won’t be the only one effected by the judgement.  Her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito will also benefit if Knox is found innocent as he too has been spending time behind bars.  (Knox was sentenced to 26 years, Sollecito mysteriously only 25.)  The two were convicted back in December 2009.  Italian prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini might have a word to say about this however.  News reports state that Mignini has said that “two decades in jail is not enough for American student Amanda Knox.  He wants to put her away for life.”  Interestingly, Mignini is also under fire these days for abusing the power of his office and for intimidating journalists during the trial.  Mignini has filed his own appeal with the courts (which is allowed in Italy) to change Knox’s sentence from 26 years to life.

So who’s the witness that just might turn this whole case around?  Mario Alessi, a convicted murderer who spends his days at the same Italian prison as the third convicted party in this drama, African man Rudy Hermann Guede.  Rudy was convicted and sentenced on a fast track outside the eyes of the media frenzy.  Sadly, many fear that this was accomplished because of his skin color and because he didn’t have the weight of being an American citizen behind him.  Alessi is said to have told Knox’s attorneys that Guede told him (who told my mother’s brother’s sister’s uncle) that Knox wasn’t there when he sliced and diced Meredith Kercher from England.

I don’t know how strong the word of a convicted murderer is going to be in exonerating Knox, but I have a feeling this appeal is going to see some positive results.  Not because the evidence is going to be overwhelming, but because the Italian prosecutor is looking more and more biased.  Why appeal for life when he already got 26 years?  Kercher’s family didn’t hire him to do it – so why is he making it personal?  Why is he determined to win?  We’ll see, but I have a nose that he’s going to be the weak link that gets the decision reversed.



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5 responses to “Amanda Knox: What Happened To Her?

  1. The English translation of Judge Massei’s sentencing report can be downloaded from here:

  2. Mary Hazzard

    It’s time for Amanda to come home. Amanda belongs home. She has been gone for too long. She left for school one day and didn’t come back.

  3. It is time for Amanda to come home. She has been gone for too long. She left one day for school and she hasn’t come back yet. We miss her and are very sad.

  4. Mary

    Yes, Mignini is a bigot and a racist. An arrogant SOB who uses his position to try and intimidate people in making these life-altering decisions. Poor Amanda Knox has already spent too long behind bars. It is obvious that she didn’t do this and was not there. They should take this in-mate’s testimony seriously in Amanda’s favor. Rudy talked in prison, which is what they were waiting for someone to do. Although, they thought it would be Amanda or Raffiello. They have used the word of drug dealers and ex-convicts in prison against Amanda Knox before. She is not receiving a fair appeal, as she did not receive a fair trial. This needs to cease. Mignini has it in for her and the jury is being persuaded. Guede should have long since been in jail for his previous burglaries. Meredith would be alive today if the Italian Government had convicted him before for his break -ins. They failed Meredith. And are now failing Amanda. It is not fair that he is literally getting away with murder. He is a liar. And he is bragging about killing that girl. It should be taken into consideration. I really don’t care about what happens to Raffiello, since he abandoned Amanda and didn’t care what happens to her. She is having to fight his battle for him, as well. He should man-up.

  5. Bungeyi

    Mary, I believe you are rather a racist to make this hasty conclusion. Is it because Guede is a black guy that makes him more dangerous than Amanda and supposed boyfriend.Remember if Guede was a thief, then Amanda and Raffiello were equally thieves because birds of the same feathers flock together. You are too judgmental and that will not help you in this case. I know even if Rudy did not talk in prison, somebody for the sake of hate, will surely say he said something. I believe that only God knows the truth in this case. I will continue to pray for fair judgment to prevail. Thanks

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