Project Runway – Another Season Bites the Dust

On Saturday afternoon I booted up my computer to watch the season finale of my favorite TV show, Project Runway.  I had been disgruntled last week when Heidi strong-armed Mila into the finale at Bryant Park instead of Jay.  If you don’t watch the show, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you do watch the show then you might remember it was two against one for Jay until Heidi piped up.  Who knew my favorite model could be so pushy?

This week the three final contestants took to Bryant Park; Emilio Sosa, by far the most talented and tasteful designer on this season’s show, Seth Aaron, the fastest sewer anyone has ever seen (he had almost 30 looks put together in the time it took the other designers to make 10), and Mila Hermanovski, the mod-inspired black, white, and gray queen.  Throughout the season, I was pulling for Anthony “it’s hard being black and gay in the ghetto” Williams from Atlanta because I loved him, but I always knew Emilio would be the one to win the gold.  Show after show, competition after competition, Emilio would wow judges and audiences alike with his glamorous and well-crafted creations.  Seth Aaron also pleased the judges now and again with his strong point of view (Vivenne Westwood meets a less glamorous Alexander McQueen) and audiences rooted for him because he was obviously a really nice guy.  Mila on the other hand, did not transcribe from the catwalk onto my computer screen.  She seemed like a one-trick pony and despite often being in the bottom three, somehow made it to the finale.  I’m still uncertain how that happened.

To make a long story short, I’m going to remove Mila from Bryant Park because I don’t think she was ever really in the competition between Emilio and Seth Aaron.  Emilio created a tasteful line that could be sold in high-end department stores around the country.  Seth Aaron created a show full of impact pieces that dazzled the eye.  It was a difficult decision for the judges; choose the guy who won almost every competition of the season and who created a tasteful, impeccably marketable line or choose the guy who obviously has a strong point of view and who created a collection that rocked the runway?  Eventually the judges agreed that they must judge only on this one fashion show and so they picked Seth Aaron to bring home the gold.  His finale collection (which can be seen here) wasn’t for your average Joanne, but it did stop the show.

I’m sad for Emilio Sosa, but like Adam Lambert who lost American Idol, but who has gone on the be quite the thing, I think we’ll be seeing much more of Senor Sosa.


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