Eco-Friendly Cribs for Modern Parents

So my girlfriend is at the point of her pregnancy where she’s ready to start nesting.  This means crib, stroller, sling, and other various baby accouterments.  Gone are the days when she would walk around Los Angeles peaking at shoes and handbags.  It’s all about baby gear these days.  The stroller search was relatively easy.  She went into a store or two, pushed some strollers, and picked the one she liked the best.  Hello Bob Revolution and welcome to the family.  It’s the crib however, that seems to be causing all of the problems.  Who knew finding an eco-friendly crib at a reasonable cost would be so challenging?

An eco-friendly crib means a lot of different things to a lot of different judges.  Recycled or salvaged wood is actually not one of the most popular criteria.  Instead it’s toxic-free paint, toxic-fee vinyl, and wood glue sans formaldehyde.  Seems like a reasonable request, right?  Not so.  The list of cribs with this minute criteria is ridiculously small and ridiculously expensive.  And while my friend’s husband feels that it’s better to pull the trigger on quality over price, my friend is balking.  Does the baby really need toxic-free paint?  My friend used to ride around in a Pinto, in the front seat, on somebody’s lap, without a seat-belt, and she turned out okay.  And she never wore a bicycle helmet.  And she used to swing from a rope over a shallow creek.

So here are the environmentally friendly and safe options out there for parents.  It seems like the choice is either a) break the bank, but at least your child won’t die of breathing formaldehyde fumes all night or b) go for the babies r us crib and spend around $200, but don’t complain when health problems hit later.  Neither option sounds like a fair one in my opinion.

The Oeuf Collection (picture 1)

Retailing from $690 to $920 (please note that none of these include the toddler conversion kits)

The Netto Collection  (picture 2)

Retailing from $890 to $1965

The Argington Collection (picture 3)

Retailing from $585 to $799

The Spot on Square Collection (picture 4)

Retailing from $595 to $1049.99

Q Collection Junior (picture 5)

Retailing from $1180 to $1580

The Stokke Collection (picture 6)

Retailing from $998 to $1698

The Babyletto Collection (picture 7)

Retailing from $378.98 to $458.98

The Nurseryworks Collection (picture 8)

Retailing from $849 to $2350


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  1. m

    K.I.S.S. (really, I’m not calling you stupid!) – here’s the reality – I had a wooden cradle that I used for months because it sat next to my bed because the baby is with you ALL the time for the first few months (at LEAST) and instead of getting up and going down the hall every 2 hrs to breastfeed – voila – the baby is right next to you (not in bed where you can crush him/her)! Then the crib was employed for some time and I bought it at a place on Lincoln near Loyola Marymount (they may still be there). He survived, I survived. No fancy schmancy needed.

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