Beautiful Day

I awoke this morning and at 7am (my internal clock), otherwise known as 8am (daylight savings time), rolled the dogs out for their daily constitutional.  Maybe it was the acupuncture from yesterday (little needles cure constant sea sickness!) or maybe it was finally getting a good night’s sleep (peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a large glass of milk at midnight), but as the warm sun beat down on me and I could see the mountains in the distance, I had to say to myself, Los Angeles in the spring is one beautiful place.

The temperature is already a summerlike 80 degrees and the sun hasn’t even reached its zenith.  I can almost taste Easter on the horizon; madras, seersucker, pink and blue and green and yellow.  I am so ready for these happy colors to infiltrate my life.  Light salads with fruit sorbets, outdoor concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, evening strolls through the neighborhood – these are just a few of the wonderful things that warm weather brings.  Bring on the convertibles, the bike rides on the beach, and open-toed sandals with pink pedicures.  I am chomping at the bit to doth the bulky encumberments of winter.  So if you see a gal in a straw bonnet whistling at the sun with her dogs, that’s me, happy as can be.

Note: for those of you wondering about encumberments, I admit to taking a little literary freedom with that word.  My thought was hindrance – hindrances.  So why can’t I go from encumber to emcumberment to encumberments; that which is encumbering?  I apologize if you were at any point lost by my fictitious word.


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