Best Travel Agent In the World

Sam and I are planning a trip and to cut down on the stress of it all, we decided to use a travel agent.  So we both did some research via Travel and Leisure and random Google searches for ‘best travel agent ever’ and came up with this dossier of the best of the best. Best Travel Agents In The World.  We emailed a few and low and behold a few answered.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had a trip planned!

What using a travel agent doesn’t take into account is that I am somewhat of a meticulous perfectionist when it comes to details.  Just because one website says that a Coke costs one price, doesn’t mean that I can’t find it on another site for less money, in a bigger can, and with a bedazzled carrying case.  In short, using the travel agent really just became twice the amount of work for me.  I planned the trip, priced the trip, compared the itinerary to about a thousand other possible itineraries, and then told the travel agent what I wanted… because I had already done all the work.  And then the travel agent got back to me with the exact same itinerary that I had already planned and somehow, it cost $300 more than my trip.

What exactly is the purpose then of a travel agent?  Is it for people who just don’t get as obsessed as I do about the perfect trip and are more willing to leave it in the hands of a stranger?  Or perhaps it’s for when you’re off to a destination you’ve done no research about and don’t want to be bothered.  A travel agent could just do all the work for you and you’ll either like what’s been arranged or you won’t.  I don’t know, I’m just way too particular I suppose.  In the meantime, now I’ve got this travel agent I don’t know what to do with.

How do you break-up with a travel agent?



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2 responses to “Best Travel Agent In the World

  1. m

    Easy-peasy – you just don’t use them to book your trip. Book it direct. I’ve used travel agents from time to time but I would only recommend them for specialty trips – where they supposedly are going to know more about your destination that you do.
    So where is the final destination for this magic trip?

  2. Jared

    Check out to watch agents compete for your business. The best travel agents rise to the top.

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