Pregnant Olympian in 2010

The last few days I’ve been doing an expose (love saying that, makes me feel like Bernstein or Woodward) on finding love on the internet.  Today I promised to wrap it up and bear with me here as I take a slightly circuitous route.  Kristie Moore, an alternate on the Candian curling team, is 5 1/2 months pregnant.  Curling’s not exactly a contact sport, but I still love that the Canadian coach asked her to be on the team.  I love that they’re supporting her and not looking at her pregnancy as a weakness and I love that a 5 1/2 month pregnant woman has the confidence and the gumption to compete in the Olympics.  Go, Kristie Moore!

Moore’s not the first woman to compete pregnant in the Olympics, although the winter Olympics do seem more popular for it than the summer Olympics.  Must be the outfits.  Magda Julin, pictured here at left, won the gold in figure skating while pregnant at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp.  Germany’s Diana Sartor took home a fourth place win at Torino in 2006, also while pregnant.  She does the skeleton (you know, face down on a board at warp speed), which can’t have been easy with a bun in the oven.

My point is, if a woman can compete in something as ferociously competitive as the Olympics while lumbering around pregnant then why not have a man walk on the moon?  Or create a cure for smallpox?  Or find love on the internet?  (See, I told you I’d get here.)  If Avi and Margarita (Internet Dating = Finding Love?) can do it, why can’t we do it too?  It can’t be harder than being pregnant in the Olympics.

I truly believe there’s someone out there for us all if we’re open to finding him/her.  He or she may not look like our Barbie Dream Doll or have a super-duper job or always remember to put the toilet seat down.  But chances are, if we open our hearts and our minds, he or she can be the one who makes us happy in the long run.  And what harm can internet dating do?  It seems to me like it’s just one more way to broaden the search.  And if you have to kiss a few frogs along the way, so be it.  I’m sure those pregnant Olympians have had to deal with much worse.


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