And They’re Off

Tonight marks the beginning of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The torch ceremony (see Get Your Red Hot Olympic Wear) will kick off the festivities in Vancouver and then they’re off.  Only one problem.  There’s no snow!

Canada, opposed to our own mid-Atlantic region, has been unseasonably warm this year.   Officials have been forced to manufacture and tote in snow so that the winter athletes can do what they do.  You know, downhill skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, luge, cross-country skiing, skeleton (that’s the one where someone lies face-forward on a board and hurdles down a track as fast he can without breaking his face off – like sledding for drunks), that biathlon thing where they shoot and ski and then stop and shoot again…well, they’ve all got one thing common.  The snow.  Ice hockey, curling, speed skating and figure skating are psyched.  They’ve got indoor stadiums full of ice and a Zamboni.

But like I said, while Vancouver suffers from snow-drought, not so for where I’m from.  It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing.  Another storm has even been predicted for the days to come.  No one has seen anything like it.  Here’s a 3 part photo documentary below of the snow piling up on the roof of an old carriage house.  As you can see, the weight of it all eventually becomes too much for the wood to hold.  Poor old carriage house.  Anyway, don’t forget to tune in tonight to see what Canada’s got planned for the opening ceremony.  Even if watching someone ski and shoot (and ski and shoot) isn’t your idea of a fun time, the procession and the lighting of the torch is always inspiring.  You might even find yourself strapping on a helmet and doing something crazy.


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