For Everything Else There’s Mastercard

In Flint, Michigan, home of the famous filmmaker/rabble-rouser, Michael Moore, a man was arrested yesterday after purchasing crack with his credit card.  Or at least attempting to purchase, I’m not sure if drug dealers accept credit cards these days.  The call girl /prostitution business on the other hand, loves the credit card.  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, they’ll even take Discover.  It’s how so many stupid men get busted – hello, paper trail.

This is my favorite story, besides the crack guy of course.  Wall Street bankers who post-bailout, are still using the company card for everything but what they should be.  I’m so glad Congress pushed through billions of tax dollars to pay for these criminals to have a good time.  Strangely, the madam reminds me of one of the contestants on this season’s The Bachelor.  She must be from Florida.  Seems like everybody who has fake blond extensions and looks like Hulk Hogan is from Florida.

Anyway, I’m starting my own credit card business.  I haven’t figured out yet what it is, but rest assured that when I do, I’ll be hitting up our government for some “stimulus.”


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