A Lap Dance For a Cause

Only in Toledo, Ohio…a strip club called Marilyn’s run by one, Kenny Soprano (I swear to God I am not making this up) decided to revamp its image by giving back to the community.  And by community, I mean the relief efforts in Haiti.  This past Saturday they raised $1000 through their Lap Dances For Haiti benefit.  Officials are happy for the money and have told reporters from the Associated Press that they don’t care where the help comes from.  So what’s next?  Hookers for Haiti?  Get serviced in your car and half goes to Haiti?  Or maybe drug dealers for Haiti.  By two ounces, the third gets sent to Haiti.

But this whole “Oh I’m just getting a lap dance because it’s for a good cause.” thing reminded me that love is in the air this week.  I’ve always been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, even on the years when I’ve been single for it.  To me, it’s just as much fun to celebrate with my friends or with my dogs as it is with Mr. LoveYouSoMuch.  I think many people agree.  In this day and age, it doesn’t have to be a Hallmark holiday full of chocolates, smooches, and candlelit dinners.  It’s more like the Superbowl or the Lap Dances For Haiti at Marilyn’s – an occasion to make one day seem a little different from all the rest.

So partner or no partner, start thinking about what you want to do to make this Valentine’s Day special for you.  Even if it just means heading to the ice cream parlor for a double fudge sundae with your dog, plan something different for yourself and live in the moment.


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  1. Theo

    3 years of my life spent in Toledo and I never went to Marilyns. My dances at other adult establishments led to relief efforts like: a Camaro for Candi, and BlackBerry for Star, and designer jeans for Angel, etc.

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