It’s a big weekend whether you like football or not.  It’s Superbowl time!  All across the country men are buying beer and painting their bellies.  Women are frying up chicken wings and telling the kids not to bother pa while the game’s on.  Or maybe that’s just in my house.  Seriously though, the last football game of New Orleans -vs- Minnesota, I found myself in a Pink Taco surrounded by at least a hundred cheering fans.  This Sunday, I’m going to a party.

The Superbowl has become such an occasion that people find themselves remembering where they watched it in years past.  I’m not sure I did watch it last year, but two years ago I (and my book) ventured to a friend’s house in Los Feliz.  Honestly, I spent more time making small talk than I did reading my book or watching the game.  The point it though, it’s like JFK’s assassination or when the towers came down.  People know where they were.

Recently, I watched the Clint Eastwood film, Invictus staring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.  The premise of the story is a simple one; Nelson Mandela has been freed from prison after 27 years and has won office.  Apartheid is officially over, but the country is still horribly divided.  In an act to raise nationalism, he attempts to inspire the country’s rugby team, captained by Damon, to win the World Cup.  It’s a true story and it reminds me of why the Superbowl, the World Series, the…okay, I’m grasping here.  I don’t what other kind of championships there are.  Stanley Cup?  Anyway, the point is is that things suck here too.  10% of our country is unemployed, families are still being kicked out of their homes by sneaky mortgage lenders, big banks and other conglomerates are using and abusing the masses while rewarding themselves unjustly, and struggle seems to be the majority instead of the minority.  So why wouldn’t we want to forget our problems for a day?  Superbowl, take me away.

New Orleans Saints -vs- the Indianapolis Colts on CBS at 3:35pm PT this Sunday in Miami.  The half-time show will be The Who.  Grab a friend, paint your belly, and go be with people – it’s the Superbowl and the whole point is for us to be together.  Why else would those silly athletes make so much money?



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2 responses to “Superbowl XVIIXILVIX

  1. Theo

    yeeee-owwww!!! It has become a national holiday of socializing and gluttony that rivals Thanksgiving!!

  2. Natalie

    Richard Gere, Olympic Gear, Superbowl! I’m loving it. You are cracking me up. I partook in the nation’s favorite pass time last night… eating lots of crap food and not feeling a bit or remorse about it. It’s Superbowl, the calories don’t count. I’m enjoying your introspections, keep it going.

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