Get Your Red Hot Olympic Wear

Ralph Lauren, king of American sportswear, was once again chosen to design the outfits for the 2010 Winter Olympics and boy oh bobsleigh, did he do a great job.  Sleek, preppy, clean, and most of all, warm – these red, white, and blues look perfect for our Olympians.  In less than 2 weeks, competitors from all around the globe will gather in Vancouver.  It’s a good thing the USA is going to look so fab is all I can say.  Who cares about winning the gold?  Did you not see those cute, little reindeer on that darling knit hat?

The best part of RL’s Olympic wear is that we, the little people, can own it too.  From the uber-F. Scott Fitzgerald shawl cardigan to the perfect navy vest, at the Official Olympic Collection is all for sale.  Hurrah.  He’s even selling pins.  Who doesn’t need another pin?  If you buy 20 you get a complimentary job at TGI Friday’s and a flare bib to hold them all.

Seriously though, I’m totally getting myself an Olympic outfit.  If an Olympian can wear it, I can wear it.  Just think of what kind of terrific competitive powers can be infused into my psyche just by wearing something I know got worn at the Olympics?  You wait and see.  You won’t be laughing when I luge past you at 100mph.  And wait until the opening ceremony when we come marching out of the gate looking like a bunch Greek gods.  You’ll want something then.

Winter Olympics 2010, get your red hot Olympic wear now!


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