Food Trucks, L.A.

In L.A. there’s a new craze; food trucks.  You know the kind you see outside of construction sites and car repair shops?  A big, Winnebago-type deal with the side pulled up to reveal a window and a board to advertise all the greasy goods?  Hot dogs, burritos, chili nachos, donuts?  Well L.A. chefs have taken the food truck and transformed it.  Now, all over the city, residents are scrambling to find where their favorite truck is.  Socialites hire them for parties.  20-somethings look for them before and after hitting the scene.  Food trucks – delicious, gourmet, and cheap.

It all began when a certain Korean chef lost his job with the economy crash.  He decided to revamp a food truck and lower his overhead.  He began hitting the streets and before he knew it he had a following.  The Kogi Korean Barbeque Taco Truck was a hit.  Others have since followed in his footsteps.  So many others that there are now multiple websites and twitter accounts devoted to their whereabouts.   One example is where trucks can register and update where they are day by day.

This past Saturday, Sam and I went to a Food Truck benefit for Haiti.  The more we ate, the more money got sent to help the earthquake relief efforts.  By $28 Sam and I were stuffed to the gills.  My favorite was Don Chow’s Taco’s (Chinese-Mexican Fusion).  Their shrimp tacos were to die for.  All together there were probably 12 to 18 trucks covering everything from Italian to Vietnamese to Southern Soul Food to Homemade Ice Cream.  The Grilled Cheese truck and the Buttermilk truck were by far the crowd favorite’s.  Some trucks couldn’t handle the enormous turn-out and by the time we got there at 1pm, they were already sold out.  So on behalf of the LA Times, here’s a little video I took of the day’s festivities…


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  1. Theo

    I’m so hungry for fusion tacos. In High School they called me Paco con Taco.

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