Still Raining!

Thursday morning out here and Lala Land is under yet another deluge.  People don’t know what to do; stores are empty, traffic is slow despite fewer cars on the road, and life as we know it has stopped.  There’s rain coming down, a lot of it.  What happened to our sun?

We’re starting to see mud slides, which means all those folks who live in houses perched on the hills are beginning to worry.  Will the rain stop or will more homes slide off the mountains and into the roads like they have numerous times before?  Even highways have had to be closed due to flooding.  Nothing gets planned out here with thoughts toward inclimate weather.  Native Eastcoasters like myself laugh at the Los Angelenos scurrying about like Chicken Littles.  If only they knew.

The dogs and I (especially Kiki with her huge, swollen neck) are staying indoors today.  We’re doing laundry and taking care of business.  I have a feeling we’re not the only ones.


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