Like a fat tick stuck with a needle, it’s pouring rain here.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; the heavens have opened up and there seems to be no stopping them.  I for one don’t mind.  It feels dark and cozy and I know it won’t be long before endless sunny days are on our weather forecast once again.

In the interim, I wile away the time watching Dexter, a show I’ve heard much about, but have never seen.  Thanks to Netflix, I can go all the way back to episode 1, season 1 and see what this mass murderer is all about.  Needless to say, I too have fallen victim to his charms.  Gruesome, twisted, awkward, and yet oh so enticing.  What is it that fascinates us all about redemption and serial killers?  And I am all the more smitten and absorbed knowing that his on-screen sister is his off-screen wife.

Today however, the dogs have other fun times in store for me.  Kiki has some sort of bloody lesion on her throat that she won’t stop opening.  Every time I try to get a look at what’s going on beneath the oozing blood, she wiggles away.  Hence we’re off to the vet.  Perhaps she too has seen one too many episodes of Dexter.

Dexter: good for apocalyptic rainy days.



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2 responses to “Dexter

  1. Harry

    best show ever. ok, not better than the wire, but really really good. We named our dog dexter we liked the show so much. How far are you?

  2. mary

    Yep, bout time you jumped on the Dexter bandwagon. It is the best show…..well, don’t know that I can say ever as I loved the Sopranos and yes, The wire was pretty great too.
    The ending to this past season is too unbelievable for words so you best hurry up before we spill the beans…..

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