Wanted By the Law

Early Tuesday evening I drove to my local car dealership to get an oil change and a tire check that I’ve been putting off for well, awhile.  Once there at about 4:30pm, I spoke with my technician and arranged for a loaner so that they could keep my car for the night.  That’s when the trouble started.  At the cashier’s desk I was astounded to find out that my license was expired.  So astounded that when she said, “Do you have another one that’s not expired?” I thought she was talking to someone else.  She wasn’t.

Chagrined and nervous by my illegal activity of driving with an expired license, I left the dealership post-haste and headed for the nearest DMV.  I had 30 minutes in rush hour traffic to make it.  On the way I called the DMV’s 800-number and waited a good 10 minutes before a real, live, human-being came on the phone.  I told her my predicament, explained that I was on the way to the DMV, and asked why I hadn’t been sent my customary letter reminding me to renew my license by mail.  She looked up my drivers license and explained.  “Your license has been suspended since February 2008.”

I almost hit a parked car.

“What do you mean my license has been suspended?  My license isn’t suspended!”

“It says here that you have had a suspended license since February 2008.  If you’d like to clear this matter up, you’ll have to call Sacramento.”

I quickly did the math.  I’d been driving with a suspended license for 24 months and never even knew it?  “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”  I asked her.  “I never knew I had a suspended license.”

“Yeah…I don’t know.  It says here they sent you two letters.”

“Trust me,”  I told her.  “I would’ve remembered getting a letter telling me my license was suspended.

Still en route to the DMV office, I phoned Sacramento.  An angel named Tammy answered and together we got my license reinstated.  Unfortunately, I had been sitting and talking to her while parked in the lot of the DMV.  By the time I exited the call it was 6 minutes after 5pm and the security guard told me it was too late to mambo.  Yesterday, I awoke with the pigeons and headed back.  When I got there, there was a line of about 100 people wrapped around the block.  The inside was already full as well.  I took my place and waited patiently.  Two hours later I left with a new ‘temporary’ license and my first deep breath in 18 hours.  I was no longer a bad citizen.  In the meantime, Tammy is investigating what happened and should get back to me within a week.  A warning to the wise, don’t aggravate the po-po.  Even though you might think you’re an upstanding citizen, you could be driving around for 2 years with a suspended license and not even know it.  Or maybe that just happens to me.



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3 responses to “Wanted By the Law

  1. Harry

    You area a straight up outlaw. Watch out!

  2. m

    OMG – you’re starting 2010 off with a bang, Ms Bonnie; I guess you never look at your license!

  3. Theo

    I made confetti out of a parking ticket in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago – it was 2:00 a.m., give me a break!! I ignored the fines and threats and increased charges for two years. Then they threatened a collection agency. So I paid. I am also bad at evading the po-po.

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