Morning Sickness

I have a friend who is newly pregnant who tells me that she starts off each day with a thud.  The thud of feet that is, running to the bathroom to throw-up so violently she’s sure she’s going to see the light of God any minute now.  This has been going on for almost two months.  Poor thing never does see the light of God, just burns the heck out of the back of her throat before she can gather her wits and start the day anew.  The thing I want to know is, why?

Pregnancy is supposed to be this miracle of life/earth mother thing that transforms your life and puts women at one with the universe.  So how do violent bouts of nausea and vomiting connect you with motherhood?  This friend of mine is sick multiple times a day and she’s on special medicines.  The last time she was late in taking the meds she threw-up 12 times…and that was all before 9am.  I don’t know.  Something sounds unfair to me.  The miracle of life seems like it has some fine print on the bottom:

You will be given a beautiful child!   But, you will lose your figure, throw up so much you want to die and not just once, but every day, have the child with incredible pain, and then not sleep for about a year…that’s when the real parenting sets in.  See addendum for toddler to teenage years.

I told my friend it didn’t sound worth it.  Maybe she could just a get a dog instead.  Picking up a puppy’s accidents had to be better than being sick all day long.  If you ask me, someone should blow up the fine print on this motherhood thing and take out a full-page spread in The Times.  People should know.



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3 responses to “Morning Sickness

  1. m

    as you know, this does not happen to everyone who is pregnant…..I’m sorry to hear your friend is so sick. BUT it is WORTH IT in the end….and don’t get me started on labor pain…..

  2. Kira

    Thankfully your friend is the one who has to understand the sacrifices of motherhood and not you. Maybe someday you will walk the path and it will be clear to you. Meanwhile I would keep your opinions about it not being worth it to yourself as you may find yourself with one less friend. The sacrifices of feeling ill for a few months, however bad, are nothing compared to the ongoing sacrifices that come with a lifetime of parenthood. But as a parent you don’t focus on the sacrifices, but on the lifetime of joy and satisfaction that comes with bringing a child into the world and molding that child into a contributing member of society. When two people decide to bring a child into the world, the focus of their lives shifts forever to that child from themselves. If your friend’s child becomes sick or ever needs help, your friend would selflessly go through that same feeling of illness if it would bring their child relief. The good thing is its not important for you to understand, but your friend. Perhaps you should spend more time asking your friend what you can do to help her than questioning the “unfairness” of her condition.

  3. Harry

    I had morning sickness today. But thats probably from all of the disgusting (ly awesome) football foods I had this weekend.

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