DeClutter Your Life

As I rang in the new year, I realized that what I wanted most, was less.  And so began a four day de-cluttering of my home.  First to go were the stacks of books I had lying here, there, and everywhere.  For some reason, books are like gold to me and even though I’ve read them, sometimes two or three times, I just can’t part with them afterward.  No more.  Three bags of books are now the property of the Los Angeles library.  It’s time for somebody else to enjoy them.

Next to go were Sam’s magazines.  The man has so many magazines that never get read; I know because we’ve had them for a year now.  Out, I told him.  If they haven’t been read by now, they weren’t going to be.  The next step was pushing all of the furniture in my living room to one side and looking at the room.  What else could go?  The clutter in my house was suffocating me.  I needed air and I needed it now.  After much consideration, we shaved down some more unnecessary clutter and then rearranged the living room furniture into something new and different.  Already I could breath better.

Our house was not done however, we still had two bedrooms that needed a firm hand.  Experts say that in order to be successful at de-cluttering your life, you’ve got to start small.  The trick is to do one area at a time.  Like a closet for instance.  Make a pile as you go for donation and then take that pile to the Goodwill center immediately.  Too many people, myself included, put off going to the drop-off until the pile for donation suddenly becomes just another pile of clutter.  What started out as getting rid of something, turns into just more stuff.

Researchers have proven that a clean work surface inspires more energy and straighter focus, then a messy one.  I believe the same goes for our homes.  After a hectic day out in the world, how can our minds relax if they’re surrounded by too much clutter?  I still have much to do as I wade through the first week of January 2010, but I challenge you to do the same.  Start of the new year right; trim the fat from your life.  Get rid of your clutter.  I promise you, you really don’t need it.


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