World’s Biggest Dog (Part 2)

For the past month, thousands and thousands of people have been doing a websearch for ‘the world’s biggest dog’ and getting sent to my blog.  On October 8th, I wrote an entry called Newfie Breaks the Record and in terms of my readership, it’s broken records there as well.  So when Gavin Linderman wrote in that I should also check out two dogs named Samson and Wendy, I did.

Samson, a half Great Dane-half Newfoundland, was rescued from a shelter at 6 months old.  He was the biggest of a litter of 11.  On two feet Samson is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 276 pounds.  His owners, an older couple in England, describe him as your stereotypical “Gentle Giant” who loves kids and small dogs, but scares the bajeezus out of the mailman.

Wendy, on the other hand, is a Whippet, a type of dog who is traditionally lean and fast.  Not so for Wendy.  Due to a genetic disorder, Wendy is like the Incredible Hulk of Whippets.  Weighing a hefty 60 pounds, Wendy has twice the number of muscles as a normal Whippet.  She spends her days in Canada running around a farm with other Whippets and taking naps when her normal sized organs demand it.  People are afraid of her, her owners say, thinking that she’s some kind of small-headed pit bull, but then they meet her and realize that she’s as sweet as can be.

And to round off our day of interesting dogs, we also have Moose.

Moose was a 291 pound English Mastiff from Vernon, New Jersey who surely must have been one of the largest dogs in town.  In 2001 Moose was on the Regis and Kathy Lee show, but was so big, his rear-end wouldn’t fit on the scale for a proper weigh in.

And just because we need to represent the small guys too, meet Dancer, a 4 inch tall, 18 ounce Chihuahua from Okahumpka, Florida.



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14 responses to “World’s Biggest Dog (Part 2)

  1. Hi.Those are some big dogs you have.What is the biggest ones name?

  2. bushkas kanelpor

    wow what big dogs i love them all expeshly the really muscler tipe one he was addorible bye for now

  3. bob

    big dogs just make me feel good

  4. CoOkIe GuMdRoP

    these are small dogs

  5. what the fu** da** those dogs could run me over!!! XD u want one 🙂

  6. madisyn brady

    awww…. i feel so bad for wendy. how can she deal with a disorder like that? at a young age too….. i feel so bad. and this why i want to be a vet, to help animals

  7. Alex

    Is the third picture a pug

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