Amanda Knox Goes To Jail

For those of you who were stuck indoors due to a snow storm and had no electricity and no newspapers, Amanda Knox has been found guilty and subsequently sentenced to 26 years in an Italian prison.  Her boyfriend, an Italian boy named Raffaele Sollecito, received 25 years.  Wonder what that one year difference was all about?

For the past 11months, I’ve followed this case with much interest.  Knox has die-hard fans in both corners of her ring.  There are those, like former New York Times reporter, Timothy Egan, who believe she’s innocent and that the Italians have run an anti-American kangaroo court.  Others, myself included, believe that the Italian judicial system in no better and no worse than the American one.  Um, hello OJ Simpson?  Perhaps the players are different, but if Knox was convicted, something must have smelled fishy to those 2 judges and 6 jurors.

It’s true, a lot of the facts didn’t link up and the Italian lawyers were quite dramatic with their labeling of Knox as “Luciferina” and such.  Where was the hair, saliva, semen and other DNA buzz words we hear about in the US?  But also, why did Knox change her story so many times?  Why did she act so erratically after her roommate was brutally murdered?  Why did she lie about where she was?  And then again, what does it matter if she never was going to have a fair trial from the start because she was an outsider?  According to the British Times, “Senator Maria Cantwell, from Washington state, the Knox family’s home state, said that there were serious questions about the Italian justice system and that she feared the judge and jury had been influenced by anti-American feeling.”  Senator Cantwell has asked Hillary Clinton to get involved in this international snafu and to fix this egregious breach of justice.  Oh boy, as if things weren’t bad enough.

The way I look at is like this: the opposite side asked for life imprisonment.  The sentence that Knox received was less than that.  I think that if the case had been total hogwash, the jurors and judges would’ve acquitted Knox.  They’re not monsters, right?  The fact that they gave her 25 years leads me to believe that the case wasn’t solid enough to warrant life imprisonment, but that the jurors were left without a doubt that Knox and Sollecito were in some way involved in Kercher’s murder.  Of course, appeals will begin this fall.  And in a week, the jurors’ written statements about why they thought she was guilty will be released.  I look forward to both events because at the end of the day…maybe she is innocent and this is all a huge injustice.

ABC…not so guilty?

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