30,000 Troops

President Obama announced yesterday that he was authorizing 30,000 more American men and women into Afghanistan.  Wasn’t he the president who said he was fighting to bring our troops home from a war we never should have been in in the first place?  The party line is that it’s for the good of Afghanistan: “We must strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s security forces and government so that they can take lead responsibility for Afghanistan’s future.”  The problem is that this is not the first nor the second, nor even the third time Afghanistan has attempted to rebuild its army.  The crux of the matter is, in a country run by warlords, with a huge mountain range that divides and separates, and a serious backwater approach to technology, how does one even begin to rebuild a national army?  Answer is: you don’t.  You just fill it full of American soldiers and pray something sticks.

So was Bush not the simple puppet for Imperialism that people thought he was?  Did he act out in a way that, had we had the same access to information that a president does, we would have made the same decision?  I wonder now that I see Obama sending more troops into this vortex of same-old, same-old.  Why else would a president whose entire platform was based on the mistakes of the last presidency, decide to ship off more Americans at a cost of 30 billion dollars a year?  A cost that those of us stateside will have to pay for with our taxed incomes.  Something doesn’t add up.

This war reminds me of final week back in college; it just keeps coming and coming and coming.  Only in this case, people are dying.



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3 responses to “30,000 Troops

  1. I never comment on politics, but I am glad you wrote this. People feel so strongly about one person or the other, but until someone is in “the” position, how can he/she have a position? False promises…I am sure we’ll see more.

  2. m

    my dear, you guys elected him. all the same – lies, lies, lies!

  3. Harry

    Everything every politician has ever said is a lie. Remember that statement, it will serve you well.

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