10.8 Million

This morning in Hong Kong, a rare, 5 carat, pink diamond was purchased at auction for 10.8 million dollars.  Obviously someone out there hasn’t been hit by the recession.  10.8 million dollars.  I started thinking about what I would do with an extra 10.8 million in my sock drawer and not once did buying a super-sized pink diamond cross my mind.  I love jewelry as much as the next girl, but what are you going to do with that thing?  Wear it?  Probably not.  Use it to cut things?  I doubt it.  My theory is that whomever bought it needed to hide the money fast, maybe even launder it.  It’s easier to hide one not-so-tiny pink diamond than it is hide 10,800,000 bills.

So what would I do with that much money?  The first thing that pops into my head is, “Buy an elephant.”  After that, maybe I’d get a beach house.  Or I could donate it to a hospital – I’ve always wanted to have a wing named after me.  The Sara Morris Wing for Saving Babies.  Although with my luck I’d get The Sara Morris Wing for Anal Research.

10 million 800,000 thousand dollars.  I could travel around the world for a year by private jet with my closest friends.  There would probably even be enough left over for me to chip in for a guide.   Or I could start a rescue organization for dogs and buy a warehouse next to Caesar Milan’s.  That way if any of the dogs were “problem dogs,” I could slip them under the fence for Caesar to fix.

The point is, I could do a lot with 10.8 million dollars and not one of my ideas would be to buy a stupid 5 carat diamond.  5 carrots, 2 horses, and a stable at the derby…now that sounds doable.  I’ve always wanted to wear a big hat.


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  1. Duncan

    Looks like the pink Heart shaped diamond w/ triangle diamonds on either side that my aunt found on the beach. So sad for some fiance’ or should I say the guy that has to replace that one.

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