Thanksgiving Plan

Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, black, white, yellow, red – none of that matters tomorrow.  If you’re American, you’re celebrating Thanksgiving.

All across the country friends and families are cutting turkeys and passing gravy.  People are smiling, laughing, fighting, and crying.  Some people are alone and don’t want to be.  Some people are in a crowd and want to be alone.  Some people have tattoos hidden under the table that no one knows about.  Some people are pretending to be consultants when they’re really government spies.  The point is, there’s a lot of stuff going on.

Each of us is a part of something bigger than ourselves tomorrow, our nation’s holiday of Thanksgiving.  A celebration of thanks for when the Native Americans saved the pilgrims from starvation…so that they could live another day and go on to take over the country.  Thanks be!

Enjoy your holiday tomorrow, whatever you do or not do or pretend to do.  And remember, don’t drink and drive.  Some people also die on Thanksgiving.  So don’t be that guy.


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