Dog Fight

This morning, my 12 pound Shih-Tzu leaped off of the sofa and landed on top of my quietly supine, 80 pound Mastiff.  At which point, she proceeded to bite his legs and crawl all over him like something out of a Three Stooges fight.  The Mastiff had a two foot long, stuffed monkey leg in his mouth (it’s a long story).  When the Shih-Tzu couldn’t get a rile out of him by sinking her two teeth into his ears repeatedly (her fighting method is jump, bite, retreat, repeat), she made a stab at stealing the stuffed monkey leg.  This would be a real coup for her.  The Mastiff, still lying on the floor, looked up at me, ‘really?’ his eyes seemed to ask.

The two dogs are now locked in a vicious game of tug of war.  And by vicious I mean that the Mastiff is still in the same position as where this whole thing started with a stuffed monkey leg hanging out of his mouth…the Shih-Tzu on the other hand, is pulling on the monkey leg with all of her might (in between a little leg biting and ear pulling of course) and climbing it with her mouth like a rope to victory.  Why does she think she can win this fight?  Does she not realize that he’s well, huge?  Any yet she doesn’t give up.  I admire that.  I can only guess it’s because she knew him as a baby.  Although he’s 9 months old now and built like brick $&@$ house, when we brought him home at 9 weeks, he was even smaller than her.  In her mind’s eye, he must still be that tiny little brother.





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2 responses to “Dog Fight

  1. Harry

    So who ended up winning?

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