The Last Episode

Tonight, Lifetime will air the last episode of this season’s Project Runway.  The episode will take place at Fashion Week in Bryant Park, which happened in real-time this past September.  I of course, will have to wait until this weekend to see the episode online as I am still living in a world without cable television.  I know it’s hard to fathom, but the point is, if you see me in the streets, don’t tell me who won!

There are three talented designers remaining (from left to right in photo):  Althea, Carol Hannah, and Irina.  For the popular vote, I’d like to see sweet, Carol Hannah from South Carolina win.  My hunch (still without seeing their final lines of course) is that Irina (known as mean-a-Irina), a judge favorite, will take home the golden scissors.  Althea’s good too, but my gut says that she’ll get over-shadowed.  Carol Hannah is a very glamorous and body-friendly designer who creates the most exquisite dresses.  My guess is that the judges will like it all, but not be wowed.  Althea is all about construction and I feel like she’ll have some great pieces mixed in with some okay pieces yet once again, those prickly judges will not be wowed.  And Irina will be edgy and pointy and urban chic, and the judges will love it.

But I haven’t seen the clothes yet so this is all just speculation!!!  Maybe Irina totally messed up and made 13 pieces of tacky, pseudo-menswear, maybe Carol Hannah made slinky, urban catsuits, and maybe Althea didn’t do anything but leggings and blazers.  I’ll just have to wait and see…oh I can barely stand it!


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