A little seasonal flu has had me out of the office this week and home on the sofa watching Netflix.  When I’m feeling less than dapper, there is nothing better than a series of bad movies, one after the other, hour after hour, all day long until they beat the badness out of you.  There’s an important differentiation, however.  I’m not talking bad-bad movies, like the truly hideous kind you would walk out of a theater for, but bad like you wouldn’t watch it in the theater in the first place because it’s a rental.  Good to medium plot, good to medium acting,  good to medium filming, but it’s still a rental.


On Monday I watched Bolt, My Life In Ruins, Monsters vs Aliens, and Strictly Ballroom.  I got in only four flicks that day because well, I took a long siesta after lunch.  I know, it’s embarrassing really, but I would redeem myself on Tuesday.


I started the day with Castle, my favorite TV show on  Then I moved on to Jungle 2 Jungle, It’s a Boy Girl Thing, Monday’s episode of Lie to Me on, and Mrs. Doubtfire.  The kids movies are the best to watch when you’re under the weather; you can nod off and wake up and still never lose the plot.  Sam disagrees, but how many movies does he watch when he’s sick? One? One and a half maybe before his eyes betray him and shut close?  I think my stamina proves my point.


I’m feeling much more my usual hot stuff today although I may fit in at least one Disney movie before noon.  Or Pixar.  Or anything with Tim Allen.  Watching kids movies is better than any anti-aging cream I know of plus, you don’t rack up bragging rights with 30 minutes of Lawrence of Arabia and 30 minutes of The Grapes of Wrath.  The numbers don’t lie; seven movies, 2 TV shows, 48 hours, and a case of the flu.  Sha-zam!


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  1. m

    aha – I knew all that running around and no eating would catch up with the bride! sorry to hear you’re under the weather but I’m sure you’re having fun with the doggies watching all those movies. If you haven’t been watching Vampire Diaries, you’re missing out my friend – of course, it is not nearly as good as TRue Blood but it’s still fun!

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