Planning a Wedding with Details

You know the old saying, “It’s all in the details.”?  Well that holds true for planning weddings too.  This quick look expose long-windedness retelling of mine (five steps to planning a wedding) began with Chapter 1 ‘Atmosphere’ (11.05.09), moved on to Chapter 2 ‘Personality’ (11.6.09) and Chapter 3 ‘Creativity’ (11.09.09), and then included Chapter 4 ‘the Love and Help of Your Friends and Family’ (11.10.09).  Since this guide is only five chapters long, it means that today’s chapter is our last.  So without further ado, let’s talk about details.

It should be fairly obvious by now if you’re been reading along, that the details are how you express you.  It’s the little things, the extra mile, and the added touch that helps to make a celebration yours.  The details are  your way of adding personality and creativity.  The details are how your guests know that they’re at your wedding and not Debbie and Albert Moskovitz’s.  Because let’s be honest, the basic outline for a wedding is fairly laid in dirt.  It’s up to you how much you want to get messy with it.  I for one, love coloring outside the lines.

Here are some ideas of what I mean:  (Please note that all of the following pictures are courtesy of Ted Begg, Abby Jacobs, Colleen Begg, and Shauna O’Toole, all guests at our barbecue shindig)

boutinerecrouqetbike2bridehank2hj tennis 2IMG_0090IMG_0106IMG_0122IMG_0164lemonaideme and sam 4Sara's Wedding103009 004Sara's Wedding103009 010Sara's Wedding103009 017m and h reading 2moon and lightsname tags 3petals2program with petalsrabbisign3tablesign2uncle harry and kikiwedding party2DSC_1029_JPGDSC_1059_JPGDSC_1101_JPGDSC_1109_JPGDSC_1112_JPGDSC_1114_JPGDSC_1115_JPGDSC_1118_JPGDSC_1126_JPGDSC_1130_JPGDSC_1133_JPGDSC_1141_JPGDSC_1155_JPGDSC_1191_JPGDSC_1198_JPGDSC_1207_JPGbridesmaids



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3 responses to “Planning a Wedding with Details

  1. groomsmaid

    what happened to me and Sid?

  2. michellepizzaking

    Love re-living your wedding. Loved it. Love you.

  3. Harry

    By the way, playing tennis on clay courts is much harder than expected. I left with my groin and hamstrings intact, I consider that a success!

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