Planning a Wedding with Creativity

For those of you sick to death of the wedding program over here in blog world….hang in there.  Just a few chapters left, I promise!

Planning a wedding with creativity means taking your personality, taking your budget, and putting them together in a way that says, “Hello, hello, hello.” instead of “Fire in the hole!”  Here are some examples:

  1. For our rehearsal dinner, we wanted our guests to get to know one another so we planned 9 tables of four and 2 tables of five.  Each table was made of guests who did not know one another, but who had things in common.  There were tables of two men with two women and there were also tables of only men and only women.  We strung up twine outside with clothespins attached to hold on each guest’s name and seating card.  Every four pictures there was a picture of either Sam or me matriculating.  It began in kindergarten and went through every awkward stage until we reached high school. As well, the names of each table were all places where Sam and I had lived; Paris, San Francisco, Prague, Florence, Hamilton, Charlottesville, Memphis, Newark, Oahu, Martha’s Vineyard, Madrid, Washington D.C., New York, and of course, Los Angeles.  Each table had a center piece with sus in it.  For example, Florence = El Duomo, the most famous site in the city, with my smiling face smiling out of a third-story washington dcportico.  As soon as someone sends me pictures of any of this, I’ll post them.  The point is however, get creative!  (The picture above is quite blurry because I’ve blown it up from another shot, but you can see Washington D.C..  I believe that’s Sam and wanna-be-President Quail?)
  2. leave a noteInstead of a guest book at our wedding, which we probably would never look at again, Sam salvaged an old wine crate for me.  I then purchased 60 cards and stamped all of them by hand with the image of an old canning jar, something that was used throughout our wedding.  (I love bell jars, they remind me of home.)  I made a sign (no penciling it out first – I wanted it to look as homemade as possible) and then framed it.  We put the sign, the wine crate, some pens, and all 60 cards on the coffee table.  We’re quite excited to open them all up come next year!  In case you can’t see clearly, the sign reads: Please Leave A Note For The Happy Couple To Open On Their One Year Anniversary
  3. Last, but not least (I think three ideas is enough for one day) was our idea for dessert.  I hate cake.  Alwaysicecream have.  In fact, I’m notorious for it in my family and have never had a cake for a birthday while I was growing up.  When it came time to ‘pick the cake’ for our wedding I shook my head.  No cake.  Instead, I incorporated something I love, Ice Cream.  I love it, love it, love it.  I can eat a pint for breakfast, a pint for lunch, a pint for dinner, and pint before bed.  I’d probably feel as sick as a dog, but the point is, I could do it and still want to have some more ice cream the next day.  So we had three homemade flavors made; a Mint-Chocolate Chip, a Mocha-Chip, and a Strawberry Prosecco Sorbet.  Then I made my own version of an old-fashioned ice cream stand.  I even made signs so our guests could see what flavors we had.  Sara’s Minty Minty Chip.  Sam’s Mocho-Choco Chip.  Hank and Kiki’s Strawberry Prosecco.  And then one sign to describe all of the cupcakes and cookies we had on a nearby table.  The signs were a blast to make.icecream2

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