Married? Married.

I feel like a rock star coming off tour.  My knees hurt, my smile hurts, even my eyeballs are tired…but it was all worth it.  I’ll do more about what we planned and how it went off, but in the interim, here’s a little taste of the weekend.  Photos are courtesy of Colleen Begg and Shauna O’Toole.

bride2 hank and kiki 2happyIMG_0147IMG_0189name tagsprogramSara's Wedding103009 015signIMG_0178back



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3 responses to “Married? Married.

  1. Harry

    what a great weekend. Congratulations again!

  2. Megan Papay

    It was such a great, wonderful, perfect, magical, love filled weekend! We had so much fun. Why do your knees hurt? Hmm… are a good wifey!!!!

  3. m

    Wonderful, wonderful wedding – great fun and everything turned out so beautiful but especially you, Saramargaret!
    xo, Mary

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