A Thousand Words in One: Happy

HCDI won’t tell you who these people are to protect the innocent.  (Harry, Colleen, and Dexter Begg.  21 Maple Drive.  Annapolis, MD 21401.)  Nor will I tell you how I know them (we’re related) or why I have pictures of them during their pregnancy (stalker alert).  What I will tell you is that I love these photographs!

Meet the Smith Family. (that’s not their real name) Collette (lie), Henry (lie), and their new pup, Dazzle (another lie).  They’re you’re All-American family.  Collette is the manager of a bank and runs a swap meet on Sundays in the cul-de-sac at the end of their street.  Henry is a graphic art designer who does some web design on the side.  Henry also like to paint, which he does every Sunday while Collette is at her swap meet.  Dazzle is their first dog.  (And none of this is true.)

Harry and ColleenHJ and DexterColleen

They say a picture tells a thousand words.  I could do a good 200 on this couple whether I knew them or not.  They’re expecting a baby.  They’re happy and excited.  They care enough to freeze the moment forever.  They’re making a family.

Our lives are so full of news (carnage, despair, political bullying) that seeing something like this, something so nice and bright is rare.  This is happiness, joy, anticipation, and love.  Whether you know these people or not, a single frame has captured a little miracle.  And this couple, the Smiths (whomever they may be) make me smile.



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2 responses to “A Thousand Words in One: Happy

  1. Collette

    Thank you for the very sweet and kind words 🙂

  2. Harry

    What an entry. Great job. I especially like how dexter looks in the black and white one and the picture of Colleen’s belly.

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