Earth, the Movie

On Friday night, Sam and I stayed in to watch Earth, a movie by Disney that I wanted to see in the theaters,planet-earth3 but never did.  First of all, the movie is its cinematography and wow.  Beautiful.  Amazing.  Unbelievable.  The camera sneaks you in to the secret domain of multiple ecosystems.  I felt like a peeping Tom who hit the jackpot.  At the end, during the credits, they show you how the cinematographers captured some of the astonishing, incredible, and awesome shots.  I could’ve watched a whole movie about that.

disney-earth-movie-bearsThe movie begins in the North Pole and takes us around the world in a year.  At times it’s funny, at times it’s awe-inspiring, but many times, it’s just sad.  The animals are suffering from the gluttony and selfishness of humans.  They are dying from starvation and dehydration.  Animals in the arctic can’t find food because the ice is melting too soon.  Animals in the dessert can’t fine water because the rain is coming too little too late.  What have we done?earth2

There are times that Sam had to fast forward because it hurt so much to watch.  I shouted at the camera men to get out and to help, but they didn’t hear me.  I never cried, but I did make a pact with myself; I want to see these animals before they’re gone.  And they will be gone.  There’s just not enough left to support them without all of us severely changing our ways.  All of us.

Surprisingly, the birds of the rain forest were one of my favorite parts of the movie.  I don’t care for birds, probably from watching Alfred Hitchcock’s movie at a too young age, and am always slightly reluctant to watch them.  These birds however, are birds of a new feather.  I laughed the entire time.


I don’t what little old me can do to help (in my next life I’m going to work for National Geographic in the wild…or be a famous ballerina…or a spy…or maybe a hard-nosed journalist like Woodward or Bernstein), but I did do something small yesterday.  Very small , but it felt good.

I won’t go into all the boring details, but basically I told Starbucks that they’re hurting, not helping, and that all these individual packets that get thrown into the landfills (which is just another home taken away from an innocent animal) is no good.  Why not have large re-fillable honey pots, sugar spouts, and whatever else their customers need?  In fact, why not just add sugar in the back and stir it in for us?  That’s what Dunkin’ Donuts does.  Think about it, that’s 3 less sugar wrappers, 1 less wooden stirrer, and at least a napkin or two.  Times that by 1,000’s of people a day…they’ve made a difference. earth

Anyway, that’s what I told the kid behind the counter making $6.25/hour, but I don’t know how much sway he has with the guys in Seattle.  But back to the movie, Earth: I recommend it with 1 trunk, 2 paws, and a flipper.  Watch it and maybe you’ll want to help them too.   Click here World Wildlife Fund for Wildlife Conservation and for as little as $25 (tax deductible) you can adopt an animal like this polar bear.  Don’t think, just do it.  It might just save his life.


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  1. m

    and you could always help out by NOT going to ANY of those coffee places ever again!

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