What a Day…for Project Runway

Here it is, Thursday and I can’t help myself.  It’s been a while now since I’ve spoken out about my deep, abiding love for the gangly Heidi Klum and her happy henchmen.  Last week was a huge disappointment for me; the judges sent home one of the most talented designers (Epperson) for a frock that, while terrible, did not deserve an elimination.  I don’t know what’s going on this year.  Nina Garcia is gone.  Michael Kors is off and on and when he’s on, he still seems off.  And then there’s the blond, anorexic chic from Elle (who I think has replaced Nina Garcia at Elle since Nina got the axe) and the random rotating person who fills in every week as the ‘guest’ judge.  But the crew doesn’t work, and as a result, they’re making crap decisions.

Following Project Runway this year, is a new show called ‘Models of the Runway.’  Yes.  I’m watching that too.  I can’t help it; they’re so gosh-darn pretty.  Each one has like 4 feet of leg, another foot of flat abdomen, and then a final foot of face (and some even have those pointy, preying mantis arms).  My favorite is the woman from Israel.  Matar Cohen is her name and looking gorgeous is her game.  You can’t see her very well in this photo, but that’s her on the right.    matar

So for those of you who feel like watching a little fashion, a lot of leg, and some weird judges who are getting too big for their britches…Project Runway and Models of the Runway.  And by the by, for those of you live in LA, check out the billboard of Heidi Klum downtown on 9th street.  She’s got some really weird hair thing going on.  It’s looks like a pigeon landed on her head, but I think it’s just a bun she styled on the top of her head like a potato-antennae.  Heidi?  What were thinking?  Before you make fun, take a look at yourself.  That bun is crazy.


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  1. Megan Papay

    I liked your blog today! Can you please post something about Lilo’s Ungaro experiment? Would love to hear your take…
    Why did Nina get fired?

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