The Fuzz and the Fuss

Last night on the way home from a friend’s birthday in downtown Los Angeles, Sam and I got pulled over by the Fuzz.  We’d only traveled a few blocks from our friend’s loft when the red and blue lights started flashing behind us.  Sam immediately knew what was wrong.  “I forgot to turn on my lights.”  He said sheepishly to the cop.  I guess it’s a common mistake with the Prius because the cops detained us for little less than 5 minutes before sending us off with well wishes for safer driving.  To be honest, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference (inside the car at least) of whether the lights or on or not.  Note to Prius…better work on that.

Then we got home to the fuss; Hank had swallowed a foreign object.  This exciting revelation was followed by a night of vomitosous and an early morning phone call to the vet.  Looks like Hanky Panky might be getting his first x-ray.  And so the week begins.  Fuzz or Fuss, I’m already exhausted.


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One response to “The Fuzz and the Fuss

  1. Harry

    no matter what you do, they will end up swallowing something.

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