Newfie Breaks the Record

Big DogBuster, from Casselton, North Dakota is 7 feet long and 3 feet high.  At 180 pounds, this Newfoundland is not the largest dog alive, but may just be the tallest.  As you can see from the photo on your right, Boomer doesn’t even need a water bowl, but goes right to the source…the kitchen sink.  Who need an open toilet when you can just turn on the faucet?

The previous record for the tallest dog was held by Gibson from Grass Valley, dog4California.  Gibson was a Great Dane who was almost 4 feet tall.  He unfortunately passed away from Cancer this past August.

On two legs, Gibson was just over seven feet tall.



In 2001, the Guinness Book of World Records named Hercules from Peabody, Massachusetts as the largest dog alive.  282 pounds with a 38-inch neck, this dog just looks fat if you ask me.  But with 282 pounds on him, I guess you couldn’t expect it all to be muscle.  Hercules is an Old English Mastiff.

The cutest dog alive however, is a little creature called Kiki.  Kiki was rescued from an animal shelter almost 6 years ago so her exact breed is unknown, although her vet hazards a guess at part Shih Tzu, part Brussels Griffon.  Kiki, also known as Kiki ‘the Wonder Dog’ can sway minds, stop traffic, and pretty much do whatever she wants because of her powers of cuteness.




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3 responses to “Newfie Breaks the Record

  1. Two other impressive dogs are: samson a great dane newfounder….you can find on google easily, and Wendy who is a bullet wippet with a rare genetic muscular disorder whom also you can find on google easily.

    good read

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  3. I want a dog that is huge butt……..I want to raise him/her as a puppy.
    Also I want a husky a biggggg husky the kinds that are mixed with a certin type of dog so it comes up to a humans hip……….Anywho i just have always wanted a huge dog and a husky and I have always wanted a husky of my own and i would name him/her boy-dakoda+girl-dakota=)

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