Shoe Dilemma

I do impulsive buying every now again, but for the most part, I’m a deliberator.  For example, I’ve wanted a navy blue cashmere cardigan for about three years now, but don’t own one because I’m still looking…and  looking…and looking.  The thing is, I purchase things for longevity; will I wear this a year from now?  In ten?  Usually the answer is yes.  And so I match a trendy piece here with a classic piece there.  Some of the things so classic that they’re really and truly from the last century.  They call it ‘vintage,’ I call it raiding my grandmother’s closet.

And so brings us to our current blog: I’ve been wanting a pair of flats with a big, Minnie Mouse bow on them for a few years now.  My aunt has taken to wearing a pair of black velvet flats (with a gigantic bow of course) that were mine from high school until I outgrew them.  They’re darling and every time I come home I try to squeeze my feet back in so I can steal them from her.  It never works; the closest I can get is like having hobbled claw toes.  They’re made by Sam and Libby, which is more for kids these days, but who still have a fabulous adult line called Edelman.  And then Sunday I saw two pairs of bow-flats; one by Kate Spade and one by Miu Miu and I thought to myself, if you’re ever going to find a pair of shoes like those Sam and Libby ones, this is the time!

Here’s what I found:

1.  Velvet bow ballet flats in purple or blue.miumiu2miumiu

2.  White patent leather bow ballet flat.bloch london

3.   Pink patent leather bow flat with crystals.miumiu3 And so that’s what on my mind.  I’m leaning towards shoe #1 or #2 because although I love pale pink (especially with a good pair of dark jeans), I already have a pair of navy suede flats with crystals.  Shoes #1 or #2 on the other hand, are timeless.  Perhaps I’ll just have to buy them both and see because I’m buying them for the long haul and I want something that I’m still going to like in a few.  Plus, hooray for free shipping!  So my readers, if you see anything else out there that reminds you of a Sam and Libby ballet flat with a Minnie Mouse bow, send them in please!  I’m a’looking…and a’looking…and a’looking,


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