Poor David Letterman

Who doesn’t love Dave?  Night after night he comes on like clockwork to make us laugh and to make fun of stupid celebrities.  And then last night this…

The thing is, the man works every day just like you and me.  Monday though Friday he gets up at 6am.  He writes his shows, shoots them, and then brainstorms with his writers for the next day.  Of course he’s going to have unta-unta time with women at work.  Where else is he?

In today’s modern world, we spend so much time in the office that inter-office romance is a given.  We try to meet people at the grocery store, but then that cute guy in the produce section turns out to be a closeted alcoholic.  We try to meet people at the bars, but then that leggy blond tells us she wants a baby…now.  We even try to meet people the old fashioned way, internet dating, but everyone we meet is gay, romantically-challenged, or unattractive.  So we turn to work.  At the office, we get to know one another and suddenly that gal with the overbite is the sexiest thing since beernuts.  The funny guy with the tummy is a dreamboat.  And that shy girl who always helps make coffee in the morning?  She’s exactly what we’ve always been looking for and never knew it.  In other words, we give one another a chance.

So I don’t blame Dave for getting a little action at work.  If he’d gone out to a bar, a thousand cheap sluts would’ve jumped at the chance because, he’s Dave.  But instead he developed attractions with people he knew; the chubby woman who made him laugh, the smart woman who booked the talent, the quiet girl who brought him lunch.  If I were him I totally would’ve done the same thing.  Oh who am I kidding?  I’d be all over those Hollywood parties like a fly on jam.  Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller…notches on my man belt.

And here’s one for the road…have a great weekend.


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