Throw it at the Wall and See if it Sticks

I know, I know…this has been a bad week for blogging.  The thing is, I’m exhausted.  Working until 8 or 9 at night, running around town like a beautiful banshee all morning (okay, not beautiful, just banshee) – it’s enough to put a woman down.  So I apologize for the crap week.  I’ve been throwing stuff at the wall and then watching to see what sticks.  And honestly, today’s no different.  Tomorrow I’ll be on an early flight to Memphis so there’s no chance of me clogging up the brain drain with drivel.  Just take it while you can, take it while you can…

Today’s story: Hip Hop Dancing with a lot of popping and locking…

-vs- Robotics…

-vs- the hip hop champions from 2008, the Philippine All Stars.  You can see the combination of hip hop with a little bit of  flavor thrown in.

I just got back from my own dance class…which looks a little more like this than the above.  (Does this kid’s parents know he’s doing this in his bedroom?)


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