Coming to a Theater Near You

Yesterday was a nightmare.  I got to Highland Park where the rescue organization (which I will never use again) sent me to get Hank neutered.  The vet there told me that the surgery would take 4 hours and since it took me close to an hour to get there in the first place, going home and coming back didn’t seem like the wisest option.  So I told the vet I’d just wait in the waiting room with my book…to which he told me, they were closing for lunch.

In an attempt to make lemonade out of a basket-full of rotten lemons, I spent the next 4 hours looking at every piece of art the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena has to offer.  I must say, their collection is remarkable, better than the Getty by a landslide.  (Norton Simon)  When I finished there I headed back to Highland Park.  And exactly four hours later, I picked up a drugged Hank and we headed home for the beginning of our Labor Day.

Initially, I wanted to go to Palmilla, Mexico for Labor Day.  I wanted to stay at the One and Only Resort, sit by the pool, and re-catch my breath; my brain is fried right now.  While the hotel was having amazing specials, the airlines were not.  So with Hank’s surgery and no good flights, we decided to nix the spa weekend, the 1000-count sheets, and my sanity.  There would be no pina coladas or yoga classes on the beach for me.

The next idea was camping.  I don’t think I’ve been in a tent since I was a teenager…and let’s be honest here, I’m not exactly thrilled with idea of sleeping on the ground.  But the dogs could come with us to romp around in nature and Sam’s got it all planned out.  It’ll be our first family vacation, Griswald-style I’m sure.  I just hope I live through it.  My friend Parisa warned me about axe murderers in the woods.  I told her I’m more afraid of bugs and snakes. I can just see it now:  Sam gets chased by a bear into the mountains, leaving me, Kiki, and Hank to fend for ourselves.  Kiki refuses to budge and so Hank and I are forced to set up the Rubik’s Cube, I mean tent, hoping that Sam survives his adventure with the grizzly.  Cut to 5 hours later when we’re bored out of our minds and wondering why we ever said yes to this.  And that’s when the axe murderer strikes.

God, I hate camping.

For those of you who will be in the city this weekend, looking for a little escape, I offer you some air-conditioning, some junk food, and this…if I weren’t trying to survive in the woods, I’d be all over this:

P.S.  For those of you interested in saving an animal’s life, please look at Friends of Animals.  Their donations are 1/3 the cost of other rescue organizations, they’re friendly and organized, and they send their animals to a local vet, not one that’s an hour away.  Friends of Animals


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