People of Walmart

Have you heard about this one?  It began last month (last month!) and is huge on the viral scene.  Three roommates began taking pictures of the strange people they saw at Walmart.  Then they began collecting pictures that other people took.  Eventually it grew into the People of Walmart.  I thought posting pictures of people was illegal without their consent, but maybe they thought of that.  I’m just surprised that some of these people said yes.

Readers are split.  Some people find the website amusing and socially entertaining while others blog endlessly about its cruelty.  What’s fun about mocking the poor or judging people by the way they look?  I myself have a different view of the website although I have to admit, not knowing the publishers, I have no idea to their true motivation.

Let’s forget about the Walmart/that’s-where-poor-people-shop thing for just a minute.  Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills.  No poor people shopping there and yet same experiment can be done.

  • Walmart – an old man with breast implants.
  • Neiman Marcus – an old lady with breast implants, full make-up, and big hair trying on a Juicy track suit in bright pink.  Her softball-like boobies are the only things poking out of the size 0 outfit.  I try to determine her age, but it’s almost impossible.  70?  75?  90?
  • Walmart – a woman bending down and showing her behind-crack.
  • Neiman Marcus – a woman bending down to fasten the strap on a pair of Manolo Blahniks and exploding muffin-top fat from the back of  her low-cut JBrand jeans.  She stands up and I see that her collagen injected lips kinda match.  There must be a theme here.
  • Walmart – a man with a mullet.
  • Neiman Marcus – a man with a carpet on his head.  Does he think we don’t wonder why his skin is practically orange, his face looks about 60, and yet he’s got a weird rug of pitch black hair that looks like a chia pet and a Ken doll had a baby?  We know that’s not real hair, dude.
  • Walmart – a woman with a short skirt bending over.
  • Neiman Marcus – 50 women with short skirts bending over.  And half of them do not look as good as the gal from Walmart.
  • Walmart – a woman in furry boots with her pimp/husband.
  • Neiman Marcus – 50 women in furry boots with their pimp/husband’s credit cards.

You see?  It doesn’t have to be socioeconomic.  We all love to stare and it’s not always in a bad way.  We don’t stare at the people we feel sad for him.  We stare at the people who intrigue us.  Like the group of bone-thin Asian women carrying 5 Chanel bags a piece.  Or the woman with the 4 foot long dragon claws that she’s growing as fingernails.

For the most part, we stare when something is different from us.  Different is strange to us and we become curious.  Because let’s admit it, there are certain social norms that many of us adhere to.  Polyester jumpsuits are no longer ‘in fashion.’  We know this because we don’t see them on TV or in magazines or in stores for that matter.  So we don’t buy them.  It goes to reason then, that when we see someone rocking a bright orange jumpsuit with rhinestone embellishments, wide lapels, and a zipper up the front, we stare.  Where did they get it?  Why are they wearing it? Are they making a statement or have they just not been brainwashed like the rest of us?

But the more important question is, why is it not PC to say that  something is out of the ordinary when it is?  As long as the creators of the website got permission from their subjects, it doesn’t bother me.  In fact, I’ve gotta couple going on that they might like to post.


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