Nancy Drew and the Case of the Movie Marathon

It all started at 6:48pm on Saturday night.  Sam convinced me to go see District 9 and the next show was in thirty.  We jumped in the car and by 7:05 were sitting center, center waiting for the aliens.  They came…big time.

District 9:  Groundbreaking cinema, amazing visual effects, and a story-line that doesn’t quit.  Did I like it?  Let’s just say I wasn’t ready for it.  Next time I’ll be more prepared.  It’s a movie that doesn’t tread gently, but rather whacks the audience with a bloody arm bone…and then eats off the faces of the people in the front row.  I give it three tentacles up for ingenuity and artistry.  One bucket of vomit for violence and gruesomeness.

Approximately two hours later we snuck into the late show of Funny People.  I haven’t done a double feature since high school, but my partner in crime can be very persuasive.

Funny People:  Not so funny.  More like a commentary on how truly miserable funny people are, but we already knew that.  Even in Fame, the comedian is the one who’s most tormented.  And didn’t Smokey Robinson sing something about how sad clowns are?  I’m fairly certain Richard Pryer did a shtick about it too.  It’s no new concept.  And I’d also like to say that I’m really tired of the male genitalia jokes.  It was funny in SuperBad, Talladega Nights, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Don’t Mess With Zohan…but now I’m over it.  I’ll one positive note though, just to be fair; Judd Apatow’s kids are really cute.

At half past midnight we exited the movie theater exhausted.  Two shows, five hours, one bag of popcorn, and a coke later we dragged ourselves home.  Sunday at 4:30pm we found ourselves back at the movie theater and sitting center, center again for Inglorious Basterds.  We were on a roll.

Inglorious Basterds:  There’s a new face in this film that steals the show.  Christoph Waltz who plays Col. Hans Lander,inglourious_basterds_christoph-waltz the Jew Hunter is absolutely amazing.  From scene to scene we were unable to take our eyes away from his amazing performance of a Nazi psycho-detective.  Brad Pitt was his usual eye-candy self and between the two of them and Quentin Tarantino’s imagination, the movie was slow, but good.  I heard a woman behind me say that it was the best film she’s seen all year.  I wouldn’t go that far, but maybe she hasn’t watched District 9 or 500 Days of Summer yet.  I give it a middle finger to the Nazi’s and a middle finger to the Fuhrer up.

And so wraps up the Case of the Movie Marathon.  Tune in next week when Nancy Drew tackles her biggest challenge ever, the Case of the Gingivitas Monster.  I promise, it’s a doozey.


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