A $19 Hotel Room for Nothing

The Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego is offering a new special.  They call it the ‘Survivor’ special.  For $19 you get a room with a light bulb in the bathroom and that’s it.  No bed, no sheets, no air conditioning, no minibar.  Heck, not even toilet paper is included.  You get the room, just the room, and nothing else…except for the tent where the bed used to be.

Vacationers are thrilled and have been packing up their sleeping bags and a few rolls of Charmin to take advantage of this ‘great opportunity.’  I know the economy is down, but what is so great about this opportunity?  A tent on a dirty hotel room floor?  No lights?  No toilet paper?  And you have to pay for this?

But alas, with a pool, a golf course, and a spa (which you’re going to need after sleeping on the ground all night), many people who couldn’t otherwise afford to go on vacation this year are getting the chance.  I guess their thought is so what?  Who cares if I’m packing my suitcase with tent poles and TP?  Or reading myself to sleep at night with a flashlight?  At least I’m out of the house.  And in the day time it won’t even matter because I’ll be playing golf or hanging with the kids by the pool.

For $39 the hotel will throw the back in and for $59, you’ll even get some sheets.  I guess for $20 I could pack my own sheets.  This seems like a better deal because I mean come on, no bed?


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