Twilight Barbie

I’m not sure my thoughts on this one are PG enough to publish.twilight-dolls-500x375

Twilight Barbie?  Really?  And what are the kids supposed to do with these dolls?  Mount the other Barbies and suck out their blood?  “Oh no! Malibu Barbie is dead!  Bad, Twilight Barbie.”

Or maybe prick their fingers in order to feed Twilight Barbie some blood?  “Taylor, why do you have bandaids all over your fingers?”  “Because Twilight Barbie was hungry, mommy.”

I realize that Stephenie Meyer wants to cash in on her success and of course Mattel wants to ride the money train, but vampire Barbies?  I guess they figured that half the Barbies already look like call girls and hookers, might as well make one that’s undead and bloodthirsty (versus big chested and money hungry).  At least when Twilight Barbie drains Malibu Barbie, somebody can get Malibu Barbie’s house, car, and the blood of Malibu Ken.  You know that dumb blond jerk is just sitting in the house waiting to get his blood sucked.

Twilight Barbie: $25 at a store near you, blood not included.


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  1. Liz

    I wonder if they´ll do an anatomically correct version of Jacob Black? Apparently they painted on Edward´s abs anyway, so why not turn him into a doll?

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