Two Angels, a Dahlia, and a Pirate’s Booty

Yesterday (and the reason behind my lack of blog) two little angels kidnapped me and took me downtown to the Flower Mart.  It all started at 6am when my alarm went off.  At such an ungodly hour it was difficult to understand the hebetude of my thoughts…

What day was it?  Did I have a train to catch?  Train?!  When was the last time I traveled by train?  I must’ve set my alarm clock to catch a plane.  No that couldn’t be right, I wasn’t traveling anywhere.  So why…Oh!  The Flower Mart!

At ten minutes past seven (we’re still in the morning here) I hopped into my car and drove the ten minutes it takes me to get to Angel #1’s house.  Yes, there are angels living in L.A.  Shocker.  At precisely 7:23am I rang the doorbell and it was finally answered at 7:29am.  I know the time because I must’ve glanced at my clock every thirty seconds.  Now some people might interpret this six minute wait as ‘Go Away’ or ‘Not Welcome,’ but luckily I’m not one of them.  So I started knocking.  Meanwhile, this is the point in my story where one little angel became two and we all set off to market.  Keep up.

By 7:40am, armed with peanut butter on muffins and miniature bottles of water (only before seen on an Dahliaairplane, which  my half-asleep brain thought funny), the three of us got on our stead (slash ginormous pick-up truck) and began our trek downtown.  When we eventually got to the Flower Mart I knew it had all been worth it; yellow, gold, cream, ivory, pink, orange, red, fuchsia – these were just a few of the colors that lit up my morning.  It was beautiful and fragrant and highly educational.  I wanted to pick up a spade and start gardening right away.  So instead I asked questions, lots of questions.  What is this one?  What is that one?  I took pictures of flowers next to their identifying signs, some of them reminding me of seventh grade Latin or a Herbology Class with Harry Potter.

Angel #1 and Angel #2 patiently bopped around with me as I took it all in and 3 hours later, when it was finally time to go, I was sad.  Who knew that there was something called Donkey Tail and that I loved it?  But the day wasn’t over…the good times had just started rolling.

Back at Angel #1’s house, I learned that in her free time she’s also a pirate.  Silver and gold booty covered her dining room table from a plundering of Ebay.  That, or she broke into somebody’s very large house, because at least 80 candlesticks glimmered and winked at me from the table.  The best were a pair called the VAMPIRE candlesticks.  They broke within 5 minutes of me being there and when she said it was a sign, I took it to heart.  Not to mention the kooky/creepy letter from the past owner, which had been enclosed with the shipment.  Let’s just put it this way, when someone signs their notes ‘Blessed be on your Adventures’  I’m thinking witch, not accountant.

The next few hours were spent like a little girl with a doll house.  I labeled all the candlesticks that I liked with my initials or a heart.  I tried to play it cool, but at one point I couldn’t keep it in anymore and I think I jumped up and down like I had to pee.  I’m sure this seemed odd, but I was just so happy.  It’s not often in this world that people do something so utterly unselfish and kind and I felt special and loved to have these two people being so nice to me.  I hadn’t done anything to deserve it and yet, there they were.  And there were all the flowers.  And the table of pirate booty.  And even if they hadn’t answer the front door for 6 minutes, the message on the wall was clear.

Almost 5 1/2 hours later, I went home to put my Dahlias in water.


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One response to “Two Angels, a Dahlia, and a Pirate’s Booty

  1. m

    you are so funny and yes, you do deserve it.
    ahoy matey!

    ps and you left the large glass vase and love candle in your exuberance!

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