The Presh Bromance Is Schwa Obama

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The sixth edition of ‘UCLA Slang’ is being published this month…by linguistics professor Pamela Munro and her students at (UCLA)…

The dictionary supplies such words and definitions as ‘presh,’ which means cute or precious…’fomo,’ or fear of missing out, ‘schwa’ for wow; and ‘obama,’ meaning cool, as in ‘You so obama.’  ‘Bromance’ means a close platonic friendship. And ‘bellig’ means drunk and belligerent.  ‘Eargasm’ means, well, just what it sounds like.  If all this is new, just say ‘I.D.K.’ to indicate ‘I didn’t know.'”

When I stumbled upon this article yesterday, I had to scratch my head.  Who buys this slang dictionary? Parents?  Teachers?  I don’t think so because any adult who spends one iota of her time with a teenager will pick up these words just by proximity and it won’t be an eargasm.  More like an earbleed and please, bromance?  That was so last year.

For those who don’t want to be seen purchasing a book of slang, just read Perez Hilton, king of popular idioms, and you too will be in the know.  Although why that matters, I’m sure I don’t know.

  • ‘fugly’ (f*&@ing ugly)
  • ‘hot mess’ (exactly what it sounds like: see Lindsay Lohan)
  • “El Lay’ (L.A.)
  • ‘shiteous’ (very shitty)
  • ‘WTF’ (what the f*&@?)
  • ‘famewhore’ (again, see LiLo)
  • “Raisinface’ (somebody who has way too many face wrinkles and needs Botox)
  • ‘pAArtying’
  • ‘showmance’ (a fake romance for publicity)
  • ‘unbeweavable’ (an unbelievable and usually very long, hair weave or extensions)
  • and the strike out (ex: Madonna thanks plastic surgeon trainer for her new, skeletal look.)


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