In the Loop is scathing, diamond-sharp humor all wrapped up into a non-rated package with a crap encrusted bow.  (On a side note, be forewarned; the language throughout this blog will echo that of the movie’s for continuity and effect.  It is not for the faint hearted.)

The movie is a look at how the war (you know, the one we’re still in somehow) all got started. There was no intelligence, no intelligence (once for the fact-finding, once for the government officials), and no order to the Walmart-like 90% off sale on bombs, grenades, and weapons of warfare.  Everybody wanted a piece of that s**t and war, evidence to the contrary, was ‘unforeseeable.’  For as they say, “to the plane in the fog, the mountain is unforeseeable, but then it’s suddenly very real and unforeseeable.”  Which is why one must “climb the mountain of conflict.”

In the Loop is an utterly brilliant political satire for those who can stomach endearments such as Placenta Sack and *&^%$ %@&^ &#^@* Head.  I give it two thumbs, a man’s private thing, and a middle finger up…which is only fitting really.


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