Etsy: Getting Crafty

I know many of you are already ardent Etsy fans, but I’m only a recent acolyte so forgive me.  When my brother’s sister’s girlfriend’s almost-sister-in-law, Duncan told me about it, it took me a while before I found the time to search it through.  When I finally did, boy was I shocked.  Duncan, who is incredibly artistic, told me to hold onto my trousers when I looked and she was right.  The majority of the crafts-people who sell their handmade creations on this website, do so at an alarmingly agreeable rate.

Affordable?  Yes.  Dangerous?  Also yes because candlesticksI want to buy and buy and buy!

One of my other favorite parts of Etsy is their vintage section.  I love vintage and while Ebay totally overwhelms me, Etsy seems manageable and friendly.  Take these candlesticks for instance.  I’ve been looking for silver candlesticks and while these $37 holders from FutureLeader78 are slightly out of my budget, I think they’d be at least twice that on Ebay.

And okay, this sailorman boutonniere isn’t vintage, but how cute is it?!  boutonniereYou’re not a sailor, you say?  Not a problem.  Fritts Rosenow has a boutonniere theme for everyone.

Pearl necklaces, oil paintings, garden sculptures, kitchen aprons…the list of what Etsy offers is endless.  Best yet, the prices can’t be beat and the sellers seem happy to put their art out there.  All in all, I give Etsy an A+.


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  1. m

    Great…just great….Tommy gets me addicted to EBay and now you have me on Etsy where I just bought 11 items!
    I think I need to stay off the internet now for a week!

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