Wacked Out Murdering Mistress

Now I don’t watch sports so before July 5th I had never heard of Steve McNair or the Tennessee Titans.  And why they would ever want to call themselves the Tennessee Titan Team is beyond me; such a tongue twister.  I do know however, that the story of his unnecessary death has me spellbound.

For those of you who aren’t sports fans, Steve McNair played football and from his 3 All-Star awards and an MVP pick in 2003, I guess he was pretty good.  But eventually the game ended and Steve went on to do…well, I don’t know what he did except that it involved a woman named Sahel Kazemi.  The father of four met Kazemi about 6 months ago in a sports bar called Dave and Buster’s where she waitressed. They began dating.

We all know that in daing terms, 6 months is still pretty new.  You know the person, but you don’t know the person.  At 6 months, the ‘I’m perfect-you’re perfect-and we’re going to live happily ever after’ is just beginning to wear off.  For most of us this means a re-evalution, a break, maybe even a break-up, but never a “I better not take a nap because he/she might kill me.”  Kazemi missed the memo.

Sahel Kazemi bought a gun in the parking lot of her restaurant, Dave and Buster’s and then waited.  On July 4th, McNair was asleep on the sofa when Kazemi used said gun to shoot him in the head.  Then twice in the chest.  Then once again in the head for good measure.  And then the wacked out murdering mistress lied down next to the corpse and shot herself.*Jul 05 - 00:05*

Some reports say she heard McNair had another girlfriend.  Another states that Kazemi was stressed about 2 car payments (why did she need 2 cars?) and not being able to pay her rent.  Her roommate was moving out (probably because she was cra-zy) and she was going to be stuck with both halves.  Note to Kazemi: find another roommate or move to a cheaper place by yourself.  People do it all the time.  Still other reports say that she was a wonderful, strong, hard-working young woman who had gotten in too deep with a player and that this is more his fault than hers.  Regardless, (and toxicology reports are still pending) I think we can all agree that murdering your boyfriend while he’s taking a nap is just plain old nuts.

So for those of you out there who are at the 6 month mark…I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you.  Or take your naps at home.  Alone.  With the door locked.


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