Naked and Flying High

Have you seen it yet?  Air New Zealand has come up with a fantastic idea for getting people to pay attention during the safety lesson; nudity!  That’s right, the captain and crew strip down to tell us all about seatback trays and oxygen masks, with a little more skin on display than usual .  And even though I know the safety speech almost verbatim, I found myself following along if no other reason than to get a glimpse of something saucy.  Happily, I was rewarded by the end.

The moral of the story is that we all love to see a little bare flesh; fat or skinny, it enthralls us.  Science and history teachers everywhere take note.  If you’re tired of students not paying attention and falling asleep during your lectures, you might want to try strip teaching.  For every important point, formula or historical date take off a piece of clothing.  Trust me, they’ll pay attention when you’re up there in your skivvies no matter what you’re droning on about.

Disclaimer: School board might find strip-teaching ‘alarming.’


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