The Wedding Blues

I’ve got 120 days to pull this thing together and I don’t know if I can do it.  I mean, I can, but maybe not in the way in which I imagined.  Maybe the huge, Chinese lanterns and the old-fashioned hanging lights aren’t going to work out.  Maybe the invitations are going to have to be slightly different.  And maybe my dress won’t be quite as fashion-forward and amazing as I had pictured it.  Can you tell I’m having a bad day over here?

I awoke this morning at about 6 o’clock in the morning with a never-ending To Do list running through my head.  Find this, call them, go there, figure out that.  Now I see why Wedding Planners are in such high demand.  This is not a job for the faint of heart.  To make matters worse, everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the process.  I don’t know what to say.  Am I excited about getting leg-shackled?  Yes.  Do I like the idea of having a party where our nearest and dearest are creating memories and hopefully having the time of their lives?  Absolutely. Is it stress-free trying to plan something like this when you’ve never done anything like it before in your entire life and you have champagne tastes on a shoestring budget?  No. No. No.

Everything I find is over budget.  The photographer I love is $6000.  The dress I love is $4000.  The decorations I love are $10,000.  The invitations I love are $2,500.  And this is all for a wedding with merely a few guests; our family and a couple of our oldest friends.  I just don’t understand how I ended up liking such nice things.  Give me a taste test of Wine A, which costs $5 and Wine B, which costs $500 and even if you put Wine B in a bottle marked ‘Wild Turkey’ with some dirt smeared on it like you found the bottle in the gutter or something, I’ll somehow pick Wine B as the one I want.

So pity party over, it’s 7 o’clock and I’ve got a 4 page list of duties to tackle.  Duty #1: Find invitations that look like the invitations I like, are on recycled paper, have zero tacky motifs printed all over them, and don’t sell for $40 an invite.  Oh who am I kidding?  I’m totally going to cave and buy the expensive invitations.  That or give myself a heart attack trying to find something in my budget.  On the bright side, this stress is just melting away the pounds.  I ate an entire frozen pizza last night for dinner and it doesn’t even matter.  IMG_0007I’m almost down to the weight I was when I first lured in my husband to be.  Yay, skinny me!



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2 responses to “The Wedding Blues

  1. Sara,

    Crazy as it may seem, while searching for blogs related to “party invitations”, I came across this one. This is like the most targeted marketing ever, right? However, I do believe that I may be able to solve your invitations dilemma. While I don’t typically do wedding invitations, I might like to take a stab at yours. Because I do the design and cutting (machine, for precision), I can accommodate pretty much any design you choose. Additionally, most of my products are already made using eco-friendly materials, so that requirement is in the bag. My company doesn’t charge for design time provided we are free to sell the design in the future as a standard product on our site. I’m fairly confident that I can come in under what your “dream” invites will cost. No need to post this reply, just throwing our company in as an option. Feel free to contact me through our website if you’d like to consider us. Best of luck with your wedding.

  2. Harry

    I’m assuming you passed the weight you lost onto Hank?

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