Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress (otherwise known as needle in a haystack)

I have tried on more dresses than a dress mannequin.  First of all, who prices these things?  $4,000?  $5,000?  $6,000?  $7,000?  Believe it or not, those are the average prices I’m finding.  Do I look like a Maharajah?  A Sheik?  An oil tycoon per chance?  No.  And that’s why it makes no sense that I’m encountering such astronomical prices.  I’m not asking for a dress made in diamonds with a ruby zipper.  Just a little something that makes me feel like me.

On Saturday Mom and I went into a bridal store where I found just such a dress.  I put it on and for the first time in about 50 dresses, I felt like I looked good.  I mean, if the dress is a wow with a greasy ponytail and flip flops, think what it must look like when I really get myself dolled up.  Unfortunately, the dress is $3000, which doesn’t include shipping from France, alterations, and a hefty Californian sales tax.  So I did what any young girl would do, I asked if I could purchase the floor sample.  The answer was a resounding No.

Today I’m off to some new-to-you shops to see if I can’t find a similar dress.  I thought about the dress phallusI love all weekend, but I just can’t swing it.  Unless I ask my guests to pack a lunch, a French lace dress is not in my budget.  I have a folder full of dresses that I like, but can’t afford.  My fingers are crossed that I can replicate or come close to finding one of them at a fraction of the cost.  The funny things is, I’m getting really excited about this big party and the planning of it is finally becoming fun.  If only the dress shopping came with a $1,000 coupon or let’s be honest, a $4,000 price reduction.  The mark-up on these gowns is absurd.

Photo Courtesy of Yves St. Laurent and David Barrie

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One response to “Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress (otherwise known as needle in a haystack)

  1. m

    what happened to the “I’m not wearing a traditional white wedding dress” mantra? Did you check out the bridal shop I told you about down in Palos Verdes? There are also one time worn dresses available on line – It’s a pretty good business now. Don’t say ‘icky’ until you’ve checked out the sites.
    I’ll send them to your email address

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